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From: Sean Clark (yes, I'm only 26)
Beta Testers Needed...



I used to generate a 6-Figure income per year by manually reselling digital products online. Now I make
every month on complete Auto-Pilot! Don't believe me? Check out the VIDEO PROOF above!

If you can spare 10 minutes of your time, watch how I made $40,000 in 3 months using the "manual" method of reselling ONE digital product; and how I now generate $100,000+ per month, using my new “Automated” method of reselling hundreds of digital products with just 2 mouse clicks! This video will prove to you just how profitable resale rights are.

If you don't have the time to watch this video, don't worry. There is a shorter & more exciting video further down the page, of how an Alpha Tester made OVER $400 in less than 24 hours reselling digital products on AUTOPILOT using my incredible system!


I've been reselling premium eBooks, videos & software programs for over 7 years now, and I know for a fact they're the HOTTEST way to make money on the Internet today!


I do understand how frustrating reselling digital products can be, and that not everybody has the time or resources needed to resell successfully. For example, you may need to:

 Learn html/php programming languages
 Purchase custom graphics
 Hire a web designer
 Find the right hosting company
 Choose the correct niche to target
 Research the best product to resell etc

As you can imagine, all of this is quite time consuming and very expensive.

HOWEVER... the main issue I personally find myself running into is...LIMITATION! I can only target a few niches at a time and resell a limited number of products "manually". As a result, I actually lose out on many many potential sales each and everyday!


My team and I have developed an innovative, unique, profit-pulling, turnkey web site, that will do the reselling for you on a MASS SCALE...and much more:

 We set-up, maintain and host your eCommerce web site (free of charge)
 You don't need to pay someone to build your web site
 You can target 32 VERY hot niches
 We provide you with over 1000 in-demand products to resell instantly
 Ability to instantly import new quality products to your store every week
 Your virtual store can generate up to 6 streams of income!
 No programming skills or knowledge needed!
 No sales experience required!

PayPal Certified 

The ADE System allows you to resell over 1,000 of premium products on complete AUTOPILOT! As a result, this Turnkey Solution will free up so much of your time; thus allowing you to target more markets, sell more digital resale products and most importantly - maximize your profits!

Slightly Confused? Let me explain...

As you seen from the video above, I sold one product "manually"... and generated an income of $40,000 in just 3 months. One year, and thousands of dollars later, Resellers-Heaven has taken Reselling Digital Products to an "automated" level, allowing you to duplicate and multiply my $40K income...into an even greater amount - just like I did!

This automated web system actually connects to Resellers-Heaven Directory, which is a directory of all the digital products that I personally resell online; and imports these products straight into your very own Automated Digital Empire Store - with the click of TWO BUTTONS!


What is Resellers-Heaven Directory?

Resellers-Heaven Directory has become the foundation of the new ADE Store, therefore it is important to understand what the Directory is...

Our Search Engine Digital Directory is the original service that I began offering my members. It is composed of 32 HOT categories/niches, each filled with eBooks, software, scripts, videos & much more. The Directory is purpose-built for those who resell digital products "manually". The majority of the products contained in the directory are ones that I have sold manually and found very profitable.

Believing that automation is key, I have integrated many of the Directory's features into the ADE Store. This enables you to import all of the containing products, and their attributes, into your store - instantly. Look at the diagram below for a more visual understanding.



Moving onwards...

Not only have we strived to make reselling digital products easy & fun, we have virtually automated the entire process for you.

No HTML knowledge necessary, no need to research hours on end to decide which product(s) to resell, and most importantly...no more wasting YOUR money!

By developing this custom eCommerce solution, which connects to Resellers-Heaven Directory, you are able to provide your consumers with new, high quality, high in-demand products every week - which puts more money into your pocket.

Can't See This Video? Download Adobe Flash Player Free Here
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And it doesn't end there!...

We have developed a true "business in a box", allowing you to earn 6 streams of income from just one web site!...enabling you to focus all your efforts on marketing your new, highly converting resale store. AND... I'll even show you the same advertising methods that I use - Piece of cake!


Income Stream 1: Direct Product Sales 100% profits for you

  • With the click of a button, hundreds of products can be imported into your ADE store. You will keep 100% of the profits from the direct sales of these products
  • Product attributes are also imported, such as the price, product image and description. From within your ADE Administration Account, you can modify these aspects for each product
  • We add, on average, 20 new products to our directory each month.
  • These new products are imported into your store, keeping your web site fresh and up-to-date, which has been proven to increase direct sales due to repeat customers.
  • In addition, you can create new categories and manually add more products from other resources
  • Complete analytics tracking - view statistics on what products were viewed the most, what products were products purchased, how many visitors came to your site, customer details etc
  • Accept payments from any/all methods: PayPal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, Checks & even Money Orders


  • Your ADE Store is equipped with a highly sophisticated Affiliate System
  • Increase your online sales by recruiting an army of affiliates to resell your products for you
  • Affiliates can advertise your site, a specific category/niche, and/or even a specific product
  • Set your desired commission percentage payout and payment threshold
  • Choose the number of Affiliate Tier levels you want to offer
  • Ability to upload banners ads for your affiliates to use
  • Full statistics - affiliates sales, click thru rates, conversions and more

Income Stream 3: Memebers Ad Commissions (COMING SOON)

  • We have developed a custom-made Ad Script that works with your PayPal account - Exclusive to Reseller-Heaven members
  • This script displays relative ads on your site for products within marketplace
  • Rotating targeted ads are displayed on every page of your ADE Store
  • Displays attractive Adsense Style Ads
  • Simply input your PayPal Email and Resellers Heaven username & earn a 100% commission for every sale made
  • Track your click thrus and commissions via your free account

Income Stream 4: Adsense Revenue (COMING SOON)

  • Display Google Adsense Ads on every page of your store
  • Only targeted ads are displayed that relate to your ADE Store content
  • Simply input your Google Adsense ID & earn money for every click your ad receives
  • Track your click rates and revenue via your free Google Adsense account
  • Ability to disable/enable Google Adsense

Income Stream 5: Banner Ad Rotator

  • Our high-tech banner ad system will enable you to rotate an unlimited number of banners
  • Banners are displayed at the footer of every page within your ADE store
  • You can sell banner ad space
  • You can exchange banners with networks or JV partners
  • You can display banners with your affiliate link and earn commissions
  • Advanced banner Management System
  • Full statistics - banner views, banner clicks etc

Income Stream 6: Built-in Referral System

  • As a Beta Tester you have the privilege to resell our ADE Program
  • Earn 50% commissions on annual membership fees and monthly syncing fees
  • Product will soon be sold at $687 - Which gives you approximately $343 in commissions per referral
  • Keep track of clicks and conversions via your Resellers Heaven account

Hi Sean...

I have just finished the site configuration (took me 10 minutes) and I must say I found your video tutorials to be the best in the industry for getting set up.

This is truly one of the few online purchases where downloaded instruction required no support calls to get my site up and running - well done! I've launched my 1st ad campaign I have already had my first customer. I hope your product will lead to many more. Thank you!

George Furneaux
Regina, Canada
Alpha Tester


Hey Sean,

It's John Denton here from the Connection2Wealth eBusiness Center and I just wanted to give you Kudos for this amazing automated ebook store you have created. I mean this is a "Real Game Changer"...

Especially if you're a newbie. I absolutely LOVE the automation where everything is automatically added in with your personal affiliate codes, etc. I was literally up and running without having to use any fancy dancy HTML, scripts or code in mere minutes. Your system did it all, 110%! Sorry, but if I sound excited I AM! I can't wait to put this thing to use for myself, and this is coming from a guy who knows code and web site building like the back of my hand. This just makes it too darn easy! I think I've lost my inner Geek after using Resellers-Heaven :-)

John Denton - President of: JustAskBigJohn.com
Naples, FL


The ADE Store has been purpose-built to convert all traffic into revenue!

The main goal is to resell digital products & earn $13,000 per month. However, we want to maximize your income. So after quite a bit of research, and common sense, we found that on average only 5% of targeted traffic will make a purchase. So what happens to that other 95% of traffic?... They just leave your site!

As a result...

I made it my mission to turn that exiting traffic into revenue!... Hence the 5 additional streams of potential income!


If they're not interested in your digital resale products, for whatever reason, they won't just leave your site; instead...they could:

  • Become an affiliate and make sales for you;
  • Click on your Ads and generate commissions;
  • Click on your Google Ads (you get paid per click);
  • Click on your banner ads...or
  • Choose to own their own ADE Store like you!

Whatever your visitors choose to do, they will not leave your site without putting money into your pocket!!


Sean and Team (You know who you are Lucas!),

Resellers Heaven has put together an awesome product! One, that after less than a week gave me my first sale... I haven't looked back since!

The site set-up instructions were so easy to follow that I'm sure anyone could do it. After-all, if I can – anyone can! Now that it's all set up and sales are coming in (kinda like magic), I only have to spend about 20-30 minutes A WEEK on it – and that's just fine with me!

This is truly a no brainer for making a great profit online – with VERY little work! I highly recommend Resellers-Heaven ADE stores to anyone willing to put in that 30 minutes of work each week when new products are delivered!

Thanks for the opportunity and for a great product!

Anne Jamieson
Milwaukee, WI USA
Alpha Tester

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"Income Stream 1" put to the test!...

We were not prepared to take on Beta Testers until we were 110% sure the ADE Store was functioning efficiently. Furthermore, we wanted to ensure that this system could produce the same level of profit, that I make, when I sell these digital products manually. (Using the same advertising methods I use)

Soooo...we found our very first Alpha Tester back in 2009, who was more than eager to test the very first version of the new ADE System! In less than 24 hours of her store going live, she made $400+ in pure net profit! Check out the video below to see her ADE Admin Account and PayPal Proof.


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"...A dream come true..."

Resellers-Heaven is a dream come true for me! I’ve always wanted to supplement my income but didn’t want the demand of more hours in another work setting.

I’m a self taught computer user and found this opportunity! This has worked out very well for me. I had my 1st sale on the 2nd day I was up and running!

The instructions are easy to follow and the support desk is quick in responding. The downloadable products are varied and diverse and grow EVERY week. It’s so easy to sync the new product

It’s all here…at your fingertips! I’d advise anyone with an interest in ecommerce to give Resellers-Heaven a try!

Dube and Diana
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Alpha Tester

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Part 1
Software Box_small

This is an amazing opportunity that you do not want to pass up! I'm giving LIMITED Beta Testers A FREE & EXCLUSIVE Automated Digital Empire Store...

Which Allows You To Import Over $25,500's Worth of Digital Products, With The Click of A Button...


Have New Products Added To Your Store On A Weekly Basis...On Complete AUTOPILOT!


  • Potential to Earn $13,000 or More Per Month
  • Import $28,000+ of Virtual Stock To Your Store With The Click of Two Buttons
  • New Products Added Weekly
  • Automated Web Store Valued At $2000
  • Accept Payments via PayPal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, and/or Checks/Money Orders
  • Access, View & Manage Client Orders
  • Manage customer and affiliate accounts
  • Each Purchased Product Is Delivered Instantly To Your Clients Via Email & Can Also Be Downloaded Via Their Account
  • Advanced Link Encryption To Stop Customers From Sharing Download Links
  • Manually Add More Categories & Products To Your Site From Other Resources
  • Set Prices As High, Or As Low, As You Wish
  • Ability To Offer Discounts and Sales
  • Edit & Manage Your Entire Digital Empire Store
  • Built-In Referral Program
  • Built-In Affiliate System - Recruit Affiliates To Sell Your Products For You!
  • Interchangeable Professionally Designed Templates
  • 25 Logos To Choose From
  • Banner Management System

Start Your Own ReseLLER Business Online Store Today!!

  • Takes Just 10 Minutes To Configure Your Store
  • Rewrite, Modify, Edit, Manage & with Emails Marketing letter
  • Ability to easily promote your own promotional links
  • Easy Account Registration For Your Customers & Affiliates
  • Built in Premium affiliate system for your customers to earn comissions
  • With Your own Name & Slogan With Ease
  • Choose Between 3 Professionally Designed Store Fronts (more coming soon)
  • You can recruit your own affiliates to promote for you
  • Display Your Google, ClickBank & Resellers Heaven Ads - Soon
  • Built-In Rotating Banner Ad Script - Soon
  • Built-In Newsletter System
  • NO web design knowledge necessary - HTML Editing Available
  • FREE updates AND so much more...

There are over 100 features included in your Administration Panel. These easy-to-use features give you full control of your site. To view each one, please click on a category below:

And Much More..


Part 2

As you know the ADE Store has many advanced features, which give you full control of your Virtual Shop.

Even though this system is pretty straight-forward, and user-friendly, I wanted to create a Step-By-Step Training Manual.

This will ensure that novices, & even experts, won't get lost.

You can download this Manual from your account as an eBook. If you want you can even print it off, so as to make for easy referencing.

I know know the majority of the Beta Testers will be new to this. Therefore, I have written a 55 Page Step-By-Step Manual! However, this is so easy you most likely won't even need this manual!

Areas covered:

1. Administration Features
2. Configuration
3. Categories & Products
4. Payment Modules
5. Customers Accounts & Orders
6. Report System
7. Tools - Templates, Newsletter, Banner Manager, Logo, EzPages
8. Affiliate System
9. And Much More...


Part 3

This Quick Start Guide will no doubt get you where you need to be, and fast.

I actually recommend that you read this eBook first, before reading the Training Manual.


Areas Covered

1. How To Quickly Request Your ADE Store
2. How To Choose Your Free Domain Name
2. What Sync Subscription Best Suits You
3. What Free Affiliate Accounts To Create
4. The Essential Store Settings To Configure To Be Up & Running ASAP!


Part 4

The Training Videos aren't quite finished...

However, they will be recorded once we get our 20 Beta Testers onboard; and after the 20 ADE Stores are up & running...

The Videos will cover all aspects of your ADE Store - and is great for those of you who are visual learners!

Areas That Have/Will Be Covered By Video:

1. Requesting Your ADE Store
2. Choosing The Right Sync Service For You
Administration Features
4. Site Configuration
5. Categories & Products
6. Payment Modules
7. Customers Accounts & Orders
8. Report System
9. Tools - Templates, Newsletter, Banner Manager, Logo, EzPages
10. Affiliate System
11. And More

There are currently over 4 hours of video training recorded, with many more tutorials to come.

Part 5

The "Advertising Secrets Exposed" eBook is CLASSIFIED, and EXCLUSIVE to Reseller-Heaven Members only.

You will not find this eBook on any of my other sites. It has been created for ADE Store Owners ONLY!

The eBook covers not one, not two, but 7 HOT advertising methods that I use, which will guarantee you SALES!


Bonuses 3

- $2885 Free Pay-Per-Click Advertising Credit

- 6000 High Quality Free Images

- Professional Sales letter to choose from for your ADE store

- Great Icon images to use if you wish

- Two SUPRIZE bonuses worth $1,427

- "Advertising Secrets Exposed" eBook that will explode your online sales!

- Free set-up and installation

- Free Training Material

- Free Online Support

- 1-on-1 Optional Expert Coaching

- 1 Month's Free Access To Resellers-Heaven Directory - UNLIMITED Downloads




This is a "Beta Tester" offer. We only need LIMITED people who are eager to own an ADE Store and are willing to provide us with their feedback for our official release. As a result we want to give you everything shown above, absolutely free.

Places Remaining
20 4


 $97 Only! There are no additional & no hidden costs, and we have 100% Money Back Guarantee! This program is designed to work for YOU!

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Look At The Benefits of Using Our System: 

Earn 6 Streams of Income
Proven to earn you a substantial income
NEW Digital Products with resell rights added every week
Target 32 Niches & resell over 1000's of high quality products
No html or graphic design needed
Keep 100% of the profits on every premium product sale you make
Generate huge profits due to the demand of information products
Competition is minimal due to amount of niches to target and products to resell
No Capital investment 
No shipping of products as customer get instant access to purchased via your link
No inventory to stock
No shipping fees
Extremely low overhead costs
1,000's of products to resell from one web site
Live ready-made web sites for each product can be viewed by your visitors
You can use the actual products yourself too, as each product is of high quality and will most definitely enhance your online business!
We provide excellent customer support
Your virtual store can generate up to 6 streams of income - Save $685!!
Complete Access To Our Instant Response FAQ System
And so much more!...


I am way past delighted with Resellers Heaven. I have been working on setting up my site and will finish it tomorrow. Then I intend to follow your Marketing Program to the letter because this is the FIRST time that someone has actually delivered what they have advertised and done so professionally, on time and made is impossible to fail. I am your newest and strongest fan. What a terrific product!...

Rick Robey
Chattanooga, TN, USA
Alpha Tester


What a great opportunity you have created here! As an Alpha Tester I have been super impressed with how everything has worked so well from day one.

You have provided me with an admin section that's been a pleasure to use with the help of your excellent instructional videos. If this is only the pre-release, I'm really looking forward to the complete version. Keep up the good work!

Ken Allan
Durham, United Kingdom
Alpha Tester

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Places Remaining
20 4

Once you have fully tested the Beta Version, we would appreciate if you could provide us with your reviews and comments, so as to make the Official Release better for you and future ADE Store Owners.


The ADE Store will be launched officially sometime in the summer, costing $685. So SAVE yourself close to $700 and be one of the lucky few people who will own this powerful "business in a box" at a bargain price - and no doubt be on your way to a 6 figure income!!!


To your success,


Official PayPal Seal HONESTe Online Member Seal Click to verify - Before you buy!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much the Resellers Heaven Digital Store?
    This only a onetime payment of $97 Unlimited Access

    What is the Monthly Sync Fee?
    The Monthly Sync Fee is FREE, will allow you to market any Resellers-Heaven products in the directory.

    Is the Monthly Sync Fee mandatory?
    Of course not. This is an additional service designed to help automate your ADE Store even further, thus allowing you more time to focus on other aspects of your new store.

    At your request, we will also import all of the current products within our Directory, to your site, for one time only. For example, if you paid the one time activation fee today, and we had 700+ products in our directory, at your request those 700 products would be imported to your store.

  • Why do you give everything for free?
    We add approximately 40 new high quality products to your store every month. Each of these products cost anywhere from $10-$100. Once I have purchased the products, I must pay my staff to manually add these products to the directory so that you can import them to your store. The small Sync Fee helps cover these costs. Please remember, as a Beta Tester you are saving $700!

Read Full FAQ

If you delay any further, your chances of securing a BETA TESTER position, will be
ZERO! In fact, the page below is what you will see once we have enough beta testers!


Secure Your Copy IMMEDIATELY!!


Sean...You've really outdone yourself this time!...

This ADE Store is a very powerful system, which I can see has the potential to generate a great income for anyone, who gets the opportunity to use it!

Your turnkey solution even allows complete beginners, to own and manage their very
own professional online business. Not to mention the countless advanced, yet easy-to-use features, which give the end-user full control of their web store - without having to learn any html.That's just fantastic! This innovative and automated eBook store is definitely a must have!

Chris Douthit


Hey Sean,

Steven Johnson here...

I'm just dropping by to say that this package you have put together is nothing short of amazing! The content you provide on the inside is second to none...

You provide all the tools needed to make money on total autopilot...It is truly a business in a box and I will definitely be recommending to my subscribers...

Steven Johnson


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